How to Reset Password of SQL Server

We like to work on such servers which provide relational database management systems as they help in creating a relation between data contents which are to be defined and managed. SQL Server is also one among them; it helps in utilizing single database for different applications. It provides an improved state of security for saved SQL database. Administrators encrypt their data for safety purpose, so that, no one can access their stored MS SQL Server data.

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More Information SQL Password Reset

Under the action of some unaccepted cases or by memory fault user can forget their password or lose the access from original id and password then question arises that how to reset password of SQL Server. Solution to recover SQL password can be a professional help from outside in the form of SQL Password Recovery Tool which can be beneficial for you with its prominent characteristics.

Know How to Reset Password of SQL Server

User can reset SQL password which will help in accessing those files which are not accessible because of password protection. User can reset SQL server 2000 password as well as password of all MS SQL Server Editions. It provides the best way for SQL password recovery. While performing SQL password change, it is recommended to create a backup copy of your SQL Server database only as a precaution for the case of any data loss. If by chance there is corruption in the backup system of SQL Server, then we provide solution for that also by SQL backup recovery tool that can perform SQL BAK file recovery process efficiently.

Choose Your Package

If you just want to view password protected files then you can download the free version of password recovery tool which will help you with two ways. One can be to view the files which are encrypted with password and other can be to measure the performance of this application manager.

User can reset SQL password for accessing SQL Server files on maximum of two systems after getting the activation of Personal Licensed Version which costs $69 only.

But according to user requirement it can reset SQL Server password for multiple computers at similar location with Business Licensed Version of $199 only.

It will be much better to invest in Enterprise Licensed Version which can help in SQL password recovery of multiple systems at different locations. For getting license of enterprise version contact our support team who will be always available for providing any assistance or information regarding SQL password reset.

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