More Information On Corrupt SQL Fix Processes

Corruption in MS SQL Server database can be called as the biggest nightmare for a DBA because when SQL database gets corrupted, users face many errors and problematic issues like business downtime also occur.

If any user runs through the damaged pages of SQL Server database then, corruption is obvious  and after occurrence of corruption in SQL database; queries go down with severe errors, backups get failed with severe errors, reindex jobs also go down with severe errors but, in all situations of SQL database corruption, SQL recovery tool can help out a user. The tool works straight on the damaged areas of SQL Server database and carryout recovery process. Database recovery of all SQL Server editions is possible with this tool i.e. you can fix SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 databases.

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Some of the errors, which occur during corruption in SQL Server, are noted below:
“SQL Server detected a logical consistency-based I/O error: incorrect checksum (expected: 0xfdff74c9; actual: 0xfdff74cb). It occurred during a read of page (1:69965) in database ID 13 at offset 0x0000002229a000 in file 'D:\Develop\Databases\Broken1.mdf.”

This error occurs commonly at times of SQL database corruption. A main reason, due to which the corruption takes place in SQL Server database, is irregular integrity checks. If regular integrity checks are not performed, the corruption situation gets worsened and the cases, in which corruption of SQL Server database gets worsened, the recovery process can take hours, days and even months to get completed.

“Attempt to fetch logical page 1:69965 in database 13 failed. It belongs to allocation unit 72057594049069056 not to 281474980642816”

This is another error, which occurs at times of corruption in MS SQL Server database. In cases of worst corruption,if the route cause in not found, the recovery work cannot be said as completed. The root cause should also be resolved in a proper recovery of SQL Server database. Problems in IO subsystem is the leading cause of corruption in SQL Server database. Other reasons like; human errors, bugs and improper working of Anti-Virus can also cause corruption in MS SQL Server databases.

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